Mark (anticato146) wrote,

Raphael is my new favorite painter

I guess I got my sense of wonder back today in the Vatican Museums. Raphael's "Transfiguration" is absolutely stunning. I've discovered that I don't like fresco as a medium that much. The level of detail possible is superb and it stands the test of time really well, but the colors are too light, almost pastel, and there's very little contrast. That's what does it for me in painting. I've known that for a long time, hence my own private collection, but this Art History class is making me understand why. High Renaissance painting, especially in oils, is stunning in its contrasts, use of light and dark, complex poses, individuality of the figures, etc. My goodness.

Also today, the Sistine Chapel. I'm glad I knew a lot about it before going in, but even so there was so much to take in. I wish I had remembered to bring binoculars. I'm definitely going back. Soon.
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