Mark (anticato146) wrote,

I take back some of what I said yesterday about fresco. It becomes very lifelike, which is a much harder effect to achieve in oil (although when it's done well it's stunning).

I went up to Orvieto today, which is a medieval hill town in Umbria, an hour north of here. That was cool. Actually, it was mostly nice to get out of the city - I do love Rome, but it's best in somewhat limited doses. And the air is quite polluted. There were several of us that went which was good and we saw a lot of cool stuff, including a great Gothic cathedral, and inside, a fabulous fresco sequence of the Last Judgement by Luca Signorelli, which was what made me alter my views of fresco somewhat. Actually, if I think about it further, the Raphael rooms at the Vatican (the private apartments of some pope that Raphael did in fresco) were quite cool, especially the "Battle of the Mulvian Bridge" in the Constantine Room. Oops…I'm going technical again. I'm going to stop now.
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